Asher update - 9-29-09

Please continue to keep Asher and his family in your thoughts and prayers!

I found out today that, I think it was Sat. night, he was having trouble breathing again and they took an ultrasound. First, the results took way too long to come back to them and then when they did, they were told that everything was o.k. The next morning, a different nurse came in – took a look at him and insisted on a x-ray. More fluid had accumulated and they needed to do another chest tap. Poor little guy, I’m sure he was very uncomfortable, struggling to breath.

Also, they have started him on medicine. He has a pic line in but they need to replace it with another, one that has two lines. Sunday, they tried two different times to get one in and were not successful. Hard on Asher and on the parents!!! Tomorrow, they try again. Please pray that this time it will go smoothly and be successful!

Thank-you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

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