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DC's Midnighter - A Step in the Right Direction

Warning this will contain spoilers!

I first met Midnighter whilst reading the current DC Grayson run. His character was badass and but also vulnerable in a way that you don’t usually see with male superheroes. From the get go I was interested in how his powers worked and also how the hell any of his enemies would ever get around that!

Not once did I give him any thought of Midnighter perhaps one day having his own title, if I am honest I thought that the writers had just thrown him in as someone for Grayson to fight during the Garden storyline. However as soon as I realized that Midnighter had his own comic coming out I knew I had to have it and get to know the character in more detail.

Let me say I had to expectations from the Midnighter comic series other than it being more violent than some of the comics I have picked up from DC over the past few months. Part of me kind of liked that, I don’t shy away from violence but the comics I tend to read are usually more lighthearted and less graphic. (Is that by subconscious choice? I haven’t really thought about it until this moment.)

Let me just say there were many surprises and I am thrilled that I picked the comic up as it has become one of my most anticipated upon delivery. I am glad that DC are beginning to make the transition to the modern world and I can’t help but think this is partially due to the writers pushing and fighting for their characters to step it up a notch and embrace society as it is today. Equality and diversity are things that matter hugely to our generation and hopeful it will in future generations.

At the time when I was first introduced to Midnight through Grayson, I did not pick up on any gay vibes at all. (To be fair, it took me a while to work out that Alysia Yeoh in Gail Simone’s run on Batgirl was transgender until I reread it. This was a very proud moment for me because as far as I know she was the first transgender character in DC’s Comic history.) It kinda took me a few pages to understand that Midnighter was on a date with the guy he was talking to in the restaurant to which I was like “This is pretty cool. I like this two guys hanging out vibe.” Then we got to THAT scene and I have to say the whole thing was pretty hot.

From the violence and the insight into Midnighter’s powers in the first pages to the sex scene near the last we are left in no doubt that this is a very adult comic. I enjoyed the glimpse into the man he is and how he tries to connect with his date. It was almost endearing and that resonated with me as a person.

All I can say now is I hope this run continues to be popular because I want to keep reading about Midnighter and learning more about him.

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