I wanted to tell you about a few days we had in London last week. We went to see The Lion King which was fantastic: wonderful giant puppets and performers evoking the spirit of Africa and the magnificence of its animals. I cried for the first 15 minutes as the auditorium came to life and it was filled with elephants, birds, girafftes and gazelles and wonderful stirring music. We could see the two percussionists in the opera boxes playing their drums, which was great for me, as I am a drummer.

The next night we saw the last night of “War Horse”, at the National Theatre. This production just blew me away. It was based on Michael Morpugo’s children’s book about the experiences of the first world war seen through the eyes of the horses who were taken to the Front.

Well, I cried nearly all the way through the play, much to my embarrassment. It was so moving. These fantastic huge puppets seemed so real, portraying horses with very real movements and emotions. Even though you could see the puppeteers, it was still a very powerful portrayal.

I have attached two web addresses and hopefuly they will work:

I was lucky enough to purchase the last copy in the theatre of the book which outlines how the production was put together. The play has given me fresh inspiration and impetus for working with my own puppets:

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