Well I log into Redbubble only to find that I my image, Mountain Gorilla, has been chosen as an inaugural winner for week one of Natural Developments! Wow, amazing. So pleased. And to be amongst the calibre of the others, too. Then I take a look at All Things Orange and discover that my pic, Oranges, is currently the group image! Thank you so much. It is lovely to be appreciated.

You know, when we went to Africa a few months ago we had quite a hard time. Travelling in the back of a truck with 18 other people, 4 of the women took a dislike to us. (3 fellow Brits and an Aussie). They were very unkind and bullying and one of them was bitching about me and saying I took too many photos! Well, as far as I am concerned, you can never take too many photos! Thank you all so much for appreciating my work and sharing your kind comments. It goes towards healing what happened to us in Africa.

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