Well, as some may know, I have recently bought some new equipment – a macro lens and tripods. Me and Martin have been having a devil of a job with it all – until Martin realised that the camera was somehow set to let in 5 times the amount of light it was set to! We had it at f32 as well! Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I have spent some of today setting up the new equipment and taking shots. Mainly of my models, which I need to photograph for my website. I sometimes teach kids how to make models, so I need some pics to illustrate this point. Of course this is going to be a steep learning curve, but it is quite exciting. Last night I felt dispair with it all as nothing seemed to work properly and we also didn’t understand that the lens has to be kept on f32 on the focus ring (but you obviously can override this in the camera). Today I feel like a new woman! (Hope Martin doesn’t…)

Finding it a bit tricky to see sometimes, when the manual focus seems so critical. Supose I will get used to this.

Anyway – alls well that ends well! Watch this space…

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