Well I have finally written my Will! Sorry to sound gloomy but I think it’s important to do these things. Once I got started it was quite easy to do. But it got me thinking. So I wrote this to be read out at my departing, so (hopefully) give comfort to my family:

To those of you who are left, remember this:
I loved you
I still love you
I shall always love you
It doesn’t stop – ever
Even though I am not there physically with you
I still exist
I am here
Even though you can’t see me
Have faith

I know this is a sad time for you.
Cry if you want to, don’t fight it.
I will see you again
Please have faith in this

I am sure that I will be in a beautiful place
It’s a lovely garden full of brightly coloured flowers
Pinks and blues and mauves and yellows: my favourites
They smell divine; they are divine
And beautiful animals and beautiful people too
All the wonderful animals and people who left us before
I will be with them again
Will be able to love them and talk to them!
How wonderful!

I will be waiting for you
Pray to God; He loves you
Even if you don’t believe
Pray anyway
Thank Him for good things
Even if you don’t believe

Try to live in the moment
Don’t wish your life away
Enjoy the moment
Until we meet again

Please be patient til I see you again in this beautiful place
Talk to me if you want
I probably won’t be able to reply
But please imagine my reply and that will help you

I love you forever
All my love (until we are reunitrf)
Jane xxxx"

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