I have been here at redbubble four years now. Being here inspires me, and to try and improve what I do. Unwittingly I became a host to quite a few groups, and have learnt a lot as a result, and still learning.

Just before the interface/app changed (the combined total is no longer available), i had reached 100,00 views. It is very flattering to have that much interest in what I do.

My hope is that what I put out to the world is somehow different or new in a way, images or angles that aren’t already elsewhere, or words and ideas I haven’t come across. With my writing, I am experimenting with styles, working through themes that insist on tramping through my mind, writing what I would like to read if anyone else had written it.

Of course it all reflects my life in a way. And Oh, what marvels there are!
In life around me, in travel, and to find the passion in love and romance.

So far…
London & Paris to see the glory, experience the magic in 2011 & 2012.
The awesome Australian NT outback in 2013.
Marvelled at the colours of NZ and delighted by New York in 2014
And in 2015 returned to NZ and Rome. The eternal city, i now understand why, with 25 centuries of rich history and beauty.

If my work appeals or not to anybody doesn’t really matter, it is set free to go into the world and take its chances.Feel free to comment, discussion is good.

In addition to my Canon DSLR, sometimes I take a snap with my phone’s camera when i happen to see something special.
Anything particularly popular, I may go back and re-take. But of people and the past, alas, that is a country with closed borders.

Thanks Michael for introducing me to RedBubble, Robert for encouraging and inspiring me, and to my precious Fox who has been an awesome muse.

My Images Do Not Belong To The Public Domain.
All images in this portfolio are owned and © copyrighted by me.
Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from myself is prohibited by law. All rights reserved

Challenge Winner & Featured Member
- Male Eroticism * in Noisy Rain Magazine
and as a result, being published in Issue 21

Featured Works
- What Lies Between * in All Out Emotion
- Sweat Accentuate – A Matter of Opinion * in Gay Men
- A Fine Line Between * in Gay Men & Baby It’s Cold Outside
- On The Prowl * in Gay Men, Baby It’s Cold Outside, & Noisy Rain Magazine
- My Love he is sparkling acid * in Baby It’s Cold Outside & Gay Men
- Finale New Years Fireworks Sydney * in Glitter Sparkle & Shine
- The Choice * in Male Appreciation
- I Want That Man…nequin * in Male Appreciation
- Torso X – What Is Normal? * In Gay Men 3/15
- A Sunrise Moment & 200415B * in Clouds 4/15

(by the co-host, not me) in Art Deco Heaven
- Doorway Style – Chrysler Building NY

updated 18/10/15

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What is so important about Marriage Equality?

It is worth considering what the Marriage Act does. There are really only 2 things it does that are not automatic nor contestable through some other legislation or mechanism. / First, it gives legal recognition for the chosen person to act medical matters on the first person’s behalf. The medical system will not recognise anything above family , and they go on say so. Civil union registrati…
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Some days the clouds remind me of my father's funeral

In sombre reflection / those gathered looked to the ground / prayers murmured and the coffin lowered / seemingly to anchor him to this world / to remain as mere words on brass. / Yet my gaze was drawn upwards / a vast formation of clouds / across the sky, spaced and in unison / like white robed monks in silent procession / titans in size, clear to see but of no substance / slowly gliding past and…
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Am I a better man ?

I wrote a year ago that I met someone who I thought was of such character that he inspired me to be a better man. / And though I have tried, I still doubt that I have made any gains. / Though on reflection, I am now challenged by what “better” means. / Better than what? Who decides? / And even if somewhat better, is there an end state that could be achieved? / Would I still strive kno…
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Opening Relationships

Partnered, married, or whatever term you choose / Relationships are based on many factors, / often including physical and sexual attraction / but what do we really know of ourselves, our tastes and preferences ? / we learn by experience, and better know ourselves as we explore / so what happens if we found over time / that our partner is not really “our type” / the sexual attraction d…
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