Jack’s Hands

The crowd would look at Jack’s hands, then into Jack’s face quizzically, and then back at his hands. An expectation hanging in their eyes, …

Draw Blood – Mark

When Mark heard the news that she had died, he’d had an involuntary jolt, simultaneously combined with a rough and cold internal litt…

Cat Scratch Disease

Then there’s a smile. A warmth that spreads. She could not have possibly have meant you ill. But she did.

Draw Blood – Jay

Jay received the letter late on Thursday. There wasn’t much in it. Just the note saying that she’d died.


The spiders are fishing, / stringing out tendrils / in a sharp afternoon light.
I'll be there for you by anya

They don’t care out here

I always breathe shallowly when I pass and hope to myself that the spirits don’t notice me.

Waiting for my train

The sounds of the tracks with their shiny silvery noise had cracked through my ears only a heartbeat before. But now that has gone.


I’ve got a dose of the heimweh. I’m sitting here and playing with the sound in my mouth. Tossing it about, licking it.

The Removal of Poison

I had not imagined the removal of poison to take quite such a long time, and to be such hard work.


Just focus. Breathe. Concentrate. Trying not to think of it worming its way inside her skull, its shadowy movements masked behind her eyeba…

Heart Words

Flat, splat…
Nest by anya Falling (the bottom of the well) by anya Crack by anya


It was hard to feel forsaken when you didn’t believe there was anything there in the first place.

Wash Day

“I’ve done something bad,” said Ruby, lying stretched out on the grass underneath the clothes line. She’d been squinting into the sun.


The cracks are more obvious now. I’ve seen them appearing along the inside of my wrist.

“Let’s go for a walk”

We went on a walk tonight, my daughter, the dog and I.


I’d wandered away from the house, not really intending to go far, but the easy pace and muttered stones had helped me walk further than ant…

The Beast

My fear is not of the beast.
Clamber by anya

I dream

I dream of stories that involve short, squat women

Like riding a bike

They told her it was going to be easy. ‘Simple, ‘they said, ‘like riding a bike.’


I’ve learnt that the best way to cut the strings is quickly and with a Stanley knife.

The Man with the Mind Map

Two and a half hours of listening to the pathetic drone of a self-made man who sought to give me enlightenment. One who proudly claimed his…

Traffic Light

I saw her neck first. It grabbed my attention.


Cat was biting her nails. She knew it made them look awful, but she just didn’t know how to stop.


Charlotte was standing at the route 453 bus shelter, keeping herself out of the damp by holding her shoulders up high and considering her a…


I know I need to say these things. I can see your face waiting for the words to be said. My mouth is full of chalk.


I was thinking of you today when I was staring out of the car window.

So tell me…

I should know better. But I don’t.

Precious Metal

She bit the inside of her mouth hard. She tasted rust.

James and his butternut pajamas

‘James, come fly me…’

The bottom dropped out of her world tonight

There was a shoulder shudder and a hiccup.


Beautiful terrible. It’s always beautiful, and terrible.

Blowing eggs

My daughter muttered quietly under her breath “chook, chook, chook,” a soft keening sound of support. A whispered encouragement.

“Is he a doctor?”

“Yes, I know all of that,” said the woman’s sharp voice in English from the kitchen where the happy plant sat on the window sill. “But is h…


She knew it the minute she tasted it. It was the wish and the want to die.

Clack-clack sway

Clack-clack, sway. Clack-clack, sway.

Coffee Shop

In truth I prefer the shoes.

I live inside a twig man

I’m nestled next to his pomegranate heart. I can see inside the pulsing life he carries, and I feed the heartbeat with a blue breath.

I don’t like fiction

I don’t like fiction. You can’t trust it.

No Expectations

One minute Etta was moving through her life as you or I do, but the next minute she was pinned up against a wall and feeling less than hers…

Promise me the moon

“Moths fly towards lights because they think it is the moon.”


“You selfish fucker, you’re hooked,” she’d spat at him. “You’re a bloody idiot.”

Like I used to

It’s a weird phrase – “like I used to”. It summons up something more than now, and more than then.

Worn Out Sympathy

I am supposed to feel sorry for you


We sleep easily together, Greed and I, as there is a simple honesty in admitting to his presence.

bottom of the well

I could see you folded in on yourself like a sleeping winkle.


She lay back in the grass in the low light of afternoon, poured out with an exhaustion that sucked at her bones. And then she heard the thr…

Double Up

The caption read “amazement as twins are reunited – lives are mirror image of the other”.


‘Rage is such an interesting thing,’ she thought, as the balletic movements surrounded her.

Three Caper Berries

She wanted to lick the pages of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ because the words left her senseless with joy.

By the Time

She had always given herself deadlines. They spoke of promise and an undertow of tomorrow. Deadlines meant plans and plans meant going some…

Did You Know

How can a bone translate?

What Would You Give?

“What wouldn’t you give…?” said a quiet murmuring voice. “What wouldn’t you give for silken skin like this?”

Sweet Release

He trembled as he picked up the needle. Such a simple device, such a beautiful gleam it gave.

There was something in your tone

The ants are flying again


Knit one, purl one, and the soft folds of twisted rope appeared.

He was a twitcher

He was a twitcher – not the moving kind, the still kind.

Chinese Whispers

pass it on

The Pomegranate Heart

The twig man has a pomegranate heart. I know because I saw it briefly. I glanced through the nest of sticks and vines which make up his che…

Twig man

There’s a twig man in my dreams

I spat out the words

How dare you disturb this marital domestic bliss? How dare you enter into my heart, my soul, my darkened spaces and ask me to question all …

Otto (250 words)

TTST15 – Otto and his streets

Box (250 words)

Twisted Tale story challenge TTST14 – the box

An Open Letter to a Nineteen Year Old

I know you’re not going to want to hear what I’ve got to say. You’ve been missing for such a long time now, you’ll probably think I’m out o…


Col sits and waits for his woman to get home. All he wants to do is protect her, but she’s laughing at him, he’s sure.

Bed (1515 words)

Lying in bed the territory between partners expands and contracts, and reveals the cracks in a relationship.
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