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The Witch

In a small coastal town
is a legend told, if you can believe
of a witch who appears
on All Hallows’ Eve.

One night each year,
the children would prod and they’d goad
taunting each other to go near the old shack
at the end of the road.

“She will eat you” they cried
“Use your eyes in a stew”
“Turn you into a toad”
“Make a witch of you too.”

But no one was brave enough
to go near her shack
for they knew if they did
they would never come back.

On this fateful year
such a story was told
of four friends who decided
they would be so bold.

Full of candy and stories
their costumes put aside
they set out towards the shack
with a confident stride.

But the street light didn’t reach
to the end of their path
and the red harvest moon
dipped the ground in bloodbath.

The mood grew quite solemn
as the old shack grew near
and each breath that they took
grew heavier with fear.

“I don’t think this is a good idea”
said the largest of the boys
as he jumped and stumbled backwards
at each little noise.

“Come on you chicken”
said the youngest as he crept
on a path that looked
to have never been swept.

Alone he did peer
through the window to see
if there was in fact a witch
as his friends all did flee.

A bubbling cauldron
smoking over a flame
was all the boy saw
surely this was all just a game.

With a tap on his shoulder
he turned with a grin
then froze as he saw
the huge wart on her chin.

The witch was behind him
there was no escape
for the witch was surrounding him
with her flowing black cape.

The only sounds heard
were a cackle and a shriek
the boy disappeared
for taking a peek.

In a small coastal town
so the legend is told, if you can believe
of a witch who appears
on All Hallows’ Eve.

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