Project Share

Hello Peoples of the world,
This being my first journal entry i thought i would share some on my thoughts on this initiative called “Project Share”.

Project Share is principally a vision that i have, where i am personally able to make a contribution back towards something positive that is occurring throughout the world.

There are many organisations that are fundamentally struggling to obtain financial assistance to undertake the most basic of programs that support those in most need. I thought that it would be a great idea to generate funds from the sale of my photography in order to support such organisations.

All the profits will go directly towards NGO’s Not for Profit Organisations.

The photos taken will then be sold through red bubble, and thus not only enable a means to generate further funding but also provide awareness and publication of some of the great projects that are happening around the world. Thus giving a personal perspective on what beautiful work people are conducting for the betterment of Humanity.

Thanks for your support.
Anthony Ket

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