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Meeting of Minds by Reynaldo Metal Print


  • Available in high gloss or satin
  • Gently rounded corners
  • Cleanable surface
  • Lightweight aluminium is literally infused with the chosen artwork


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Meeting of Minds by Reynaldo

Designed by Anthea Slade
Painted with Acrylic Paint Collaboration Reynaldo & Anthea Slade I wrote my poem Passion back on the 21-2-09. I decided to do a drawing to accompany my poem. One of my friends from RedBubble wrote a comment on my drawing Passion suggesting that I do a drawing for each stanza in my poem. There were 8 stanzas. So from the 9-3-09 to the 15-4-09 I took on the challenge of doing a drawing for each verse and as I drew them I shared them with my friends on RedBubble. On the 28-7-09 I put my 8 passion drawings together with 4 other passionate drawings and uploaded them as a Calendar. Artist/Painter Reynaldo saw my Passion Calendar and asked me if we could collaborate together on a passion series where he would do his interpretation of each of my drawings and add a further 8 to the series – so there would be 16 drawings and paintings together. Always interested and intrigued to see my art and drawings from another artists point of view and admiring Reynaldo as an artist and person, I agreed to this collaboration. The project is already underway with Reynaldo having worked on a number of paintings already. It is a great joy to collaborate with such a talented and fine artist as Reynaldo. As an introduction to our collaboration on the Passion series Reynaldo has painted this wonderful painting Meeting of Minds. Hope all my friends on RedBubble enjoy this painting and all the paintings that are soon to follow :)

Meeting of Minds by Reynaldo Metal Print

Designed by Anthea Slade