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Creating art and writing is like breathing to me, it keeps me alive. If I stop creating my world shrinks and contracts. When I start to...

Love Bombed, Me in Amsterdam and Love Bombed in Amsterdam combined reached a 1000 views today.

The trilogy Love Bombed, Me and Amsterdam and Love Bombed in Amsterdam combined reached 1000 views today. Two of these works are collaborations with Vasile Stan.

The combined numbers for the three works is 1001 views, 193 Comments and 41 favourites. I would like to thank all my redbubble friends for their views and support of these three works.

I have always loved the idea of working collaboratively with another artist and looking at life and art through different lens and from different perspectives. Each perspective, whether subtle or powerful offers a fresh way of seeing.

Collaborating with Vasile in Love Bombed in Amsterdam and Me in Amsterdam, Vasile has taken my original painting of Love Bombed and a photo self portrait and changed them both into a new story, a new vision. I would like to say a special thank you to Vasile for his artistic eye and his exciting vision.

Just felt excited reaching this combined milestone and wanted to say thank you to all my friends on RedBubble who have offered their fresh view and perspective on these three works.


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