There is an place where nature hasn’t yet learned to be scared of humans. Where the innocent chicks of the spectacular Masked Boobies study you inquisitively when you attempt to photograph them. Where, in the light of day, the last nesting female green turtle returns to the sea, paying no attention to the human who watches her, over-awed by the experience. .

And then there are the hills that have been created by volcanic activity as recently as 700 years ago, still so young, with plants just starting to colonise the slopes. The purity of the blue midday sky behind them being surpassed only be the skies that sunset brings, as the waves roll peacefully up the empty beaches.

Empty except for the one that the child of nature has found. He plays safely here, a safety that only the security of an tiny island can bring.

Love nature

Anselmo Pelembe

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