Saint children’s story published.

A new children’s story entitled Mary the Masked Booby has recently been published. The story is about the return of the Masked Booby birds to the main island of Ascension. It is written by Tara Pelembe and the photographs are by Anselmo Pelembe.

“We are very aware that there are few children’s stories about St. Helena and Ascension” said Tara “and we wanted to use real situations and images from Ascension wildlife for children on St. Helena and Ascension to be able to read about wildlife and learn conservation concepts that are within their immediate environment”

While working in the Ascension Conservation Department, Tara and Anselmo developed this idea. Anselmo used his wildlife photography to create the images that form the visual basis of the story. “Ascension and St. Helena are incredibly unique environments” said Anselmo. “My idea is that the images I have taken during my time on the islands need to be shared in many forms. The images in this story book are all undoctored, and, for example, we camped at the bottom of Letterbox on Ascension to get the front cover photo.”

Mary the Masked Booby tells the story of a pair of adventurous young birds, Mary and her friend Tom, who want to set up home on a new land. They are brave enough to try and are successful. They are then followed by their friends. The concept of the story is based on the real life, internationally renowned seabird restoration project that has been ongoing on Ascension since 2001.

The book has had positive comment from its informal distribution in the UK and has been enjoyed by all children who have had the opportunity of reading it.

Anselmo Pelembe

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