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A Little Town on Cape Cod, in The, United States

Native of Oregon, misplaced somewhere in California. Love flying and love photography.

Need suggestions....

I’m in dire need of a new camera case or bag. Ultimately I really want a pelican case for ultimate protection, but I’ll wait for the day someone at my work throws one out because they’re a tad expensive.

Sure, theres tons out there, but I have to order them online. Doesn’t seem very many stores around here stock accessories of that sort. I don’t have a ton of gear YET, however, I want a bag that:

>can easily house my body with a lens. I’m guessing this would make it a case sized for a D2//D3 because I don’t want to have to take off my battery grip.

>can have enough space for at minimum my SB-800, maybe an extra lens.

>doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and doesn’t look ‘dorky’. I dont want a fanny pack… LoL

Any ideas guys?

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