A.M. Ruttle

Jackson Hole, United States

Wildlife, wild places, wild light… mountains, the ocean, the sky… ahhhhhhhl. Breathe deeply as you look into these images.

Colors Represented on PC vs Mac Monitors

Anyone else having trouble getting colors to look good online? I usually work on a Mac, but today happen to be logging on from a PC, and my images look radically different, and much “flatter”. I’ve heard friends who work on PCs say they boost the saturation for online posts. So what do I do? Create two entries on RB for each image… one super saturated for PC viewers? Any advice, feedback?

And here’s a related question: Which photography sharing websites portray the color and clarity of your work the best? I think RedBubble and 500px do a good job; are there others? Are there some that you feel represent your images poorly?

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