A.M. Ruttle

Jackson Hole, United States

Wildlife, wild places, wild light… mountains, the ocean, the sky… ahhhhhhhl. Breathe deeply as you look into these images.

World News, Inc. website features Carennac video by A.M. Ruttle / FranceMoments

Funny what shows up when you are tripping around the world wide web… World News, Inc., has a web page on Carennac, France, and the number one video after the intro video is by A.M. Ruttle / FranceMoments on YouTube: “Carennac, France – Images To Remember”…
For more images of France by A.M. Ruttle…
- do a RedBubble search for “Ruttle France”
- Google “Ruttle France”

Link to World News Inc web page on Carennac, France
(Notice the video listed right below the intro video.)
Link to Carennac, France – Images to Remember.

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