Phantom of Freedom

1 May 2010 will be open the exhibition and competition “Phantom of Freedom” in Bonn, organized by the independent art group 1/GANG.
This spring will to show art that challenges common concepts of reality and it’s perception in a great variety of genres and styles. Without being limited by logical or traditional boundaries the artists are encouraged to devote themselves solely to their power of imagination and let familiar reality emerge in completely new and fascinating context.
In ‘The Fantom of Freedom’ will be presented Works of 12 artists from 1st to 23rd of May 2010 on more than 1000 m² of exhibition area. A top-level jury of art historians, resident artists and gallerists will award two of the artists with prizes for the best adaptation of the exhibition concept. One is a money prize that has been donated by local companies and carries a value of 1000 Euros. The second one is a one year sponsorship for a studio-residency in the Center for Art and Culture ‘Tapetenfabrik Beuel’.

this exhibition will be presented and my two work

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