Beyond the Broken

Beyond the broken of this sullied soul / amongst scattered remains of lives unlived / buried deeply beneath shards of fragmented design / L…


Sorrow’s angel-song / mere drippings / from weary mind / melancholy notes weep / slipping sluggishly / from a broken breath

Naught but seeds

Are we naught but seeds / adrift on feral winds of change / flitting about rushed swirls / in ravenous muted exhale / of a universal omni…


Here, my being bare / a naked reservoir / ajar in anticipation of / your reverent exploration / as this body weeps the elixir of life


In this precious moment / here / will you slowly dance / us / to the wordless tune of heavenly / divine
Very Cherry (created by LisaMM) by AnniG Fruitful by AnniG

Seeing is believing

I breathe your heartache / spill your unshed tears / I tend the invisible aches / repeatedly bubbling, rising up / erupting from the depths…

Twilight Moments

Serene is the twilight hour / when I wait for you to wrap me up / in wordless conversation

Venice vs Venus

Words are superfluous on these aromatic balmy evenings / when gentle touches, eyes and smiles speak for themselves

Soul spill

Fragmented memories spill / oozing steadily in a fluid haze / revealing vague utopian delights


Beyond the borders of / silent comprehension / lies illusions of emotion


Tonight I cast my sins, fears, tumultuous thoughts / upon the vast inky waters of this bottomless ocean

Respiration in reparation

Inhale me into deepest senses, yours / Exhale this lonely, longing heart, mine / Breathe, live, love fresh beginnings, ours / ©


senses stirring soundlessly / to dreamy moistened / waves floating, soaring / limber in liquid love / covetous cravings / quickened bre…

La mia risposta (My answer)

…you came / like an answer / on the winds of change / a mysterious phantom / picked from dreams / an intangible fantasy / from a myt…

I knew a place…

I stop to dwell in still / quiet contemplation / reflect in meditation / my mind’s empty eye / catching brief glimpses / of mere mem…

Dying Dream

feint whispers / echoing dreams / dreamy promises / ripped, gutted / torn in gusty / wintry winds

Woorde inkleur

Ek verf vandag vir jou / my hartsgedagtes / in ‘n kleurvolle gedig / woorde in diep boergonje / en weelderige purper

Lock me in

When the new day / breaks, cloaked / in shades of muted silver / clouds loom heavy, dark / fierce storms rise, smoky / somber on distant …

Yin Yang wilderness

This is our untamed wilderness / the yin-yang of our landscape / our day sighs while evening creeps / sunny warmth turns dark and cold

Coded message

When the first drops came / - an erratic morse code / dripping, tapping messages / on the canopy overhead / I imagine your words / catchin…
Who's afraid of what?! by AnniG

Peas in a pod

They often refer to us as “peas in a pod” / but in reality we really are polar opposites / intricately bound together by power…
4 Elements of my 4-OH  by AnniG

I just called …

Hello darling, / look, I know you’re busy / with breakfast, coffee / the morning paper, but / just a quick question..

Missing summer?

The seasons are changing, my love / your love for me, my love for you / frost at my feet, snow on my skin / why did winter arrive too early?
From the Inside Out by AnniG Dunes - Swakopmund (Namibia Series) by AnniG Duwisib Castle  (Namibia Series) by AnniG

A beautiful dream, once more

Drinking in the morning sun… / …What made me behave that way… / …using words I never say

Desperate distance

My world is totally blank, yes, tragically bare / today / I long for your calming soothing words, your / voice / yet punishment persists as…

My phenomenal man

bear the burden of my ache, unwaveringly / feel my pain, bleed for my wounds within / cross the abyss with fearless tenacious courage / she…


Fierce flashes of light / slicing through onyx sky / like whips on a bare back / cutting, screaming, scarring

Ring of fire

No, I don’t care what they think / or do or whisper about me / I only care about what you think / say and show me

The place

There is a place / under the vastness / of blue shifting skies / a place between / somewhere, nowhere / and everywhere

A torrent of tears

I cried for you today / silently emptied my heart / into a storm of tears / which I am sending / to you as a message

Our garden

Come here, my love / lie down with me / molding your body / so closely into mine


As day gives way to night / I sometimes imagine / what it would feel like / to secretly meet you / under a miracle moon
Anni Happy Glow (Emotion series) by AnniG

The next chapter

Now that you have touched me / with your magic Midas words / elevated my feet high / above the safety of sacred ground / now that you have …

Enchanted kisses

Kiss me teasingly, tell me / earnestly / the reason why / you would bring me / to this enchanted paradise
Anni Blush  (Emotion series) by AnniG

Reflecting Reverence

Lavish upon me, / through shades of copper / your stature, sheer strength / Bestow upon me / your words of glory, grace
Anni Fades to Grey (Emotion series) by AnniG Anni Feelin' Blue (Emotion series) by AnniG

Is it time?

I am watching / as the time trails by / and I wonder where you are / do you not understand how much / I need you now, later, always and fo…

Mystery in the midst

Do you hear the / sinister snorting / from steamy nostrils / of steadily approaching / beasts
Tainted, broken, lonely (Kolmanskop, Namibia Series) by AnniG Lutheran Church, Luderitz (Namibia Series) by AnniG

Waiting for release

I am nothing / to look at / or even consider / for I am just / the simplest / of humble vessels / unadorned by / fancy fake trimmings / per…

Will you come to me

If I were to call out / from the edge of the / glowing horizon at sunset / would you follow your heart / leave your treasures behind / and…

The Love Light

Take me / tenderly / by the hand / and deliver me / to the edge

Speak to me, please!

In the stifling darkness / of my angry moment / while heavy clouds / threatened to envelop me / I raised my voice and / called out loud &…

Leading night

Be simply still / and quietly listen / to the peaceful, soothing / sounds of dusk

Why do we?

Why do we always / Douse the fire / Too soon after the spark ignites the flame

I am still here

I am still here / I am still waiting / and will remain so / should you need me / should you want me

Just a Glimpse…

How I would love / to catch a silent, secret / glimpse of you / the briefest moment / would be enough
A glimpse (Kolmanskop: Namibia)   by AnniG Deserted  (near Fish River Canyon - Namibia Series)  by AnniG Bringing Brightness by AnniG

Waiting to be buried – (Kolmanskop: Namibia)

She was so very beautiful, even magnificent / For he had lovingly created her, made her just so / He dressed her in expensive imported trea…
Waiting to be buried: Kolmanskop Ruin (Namibia Series) by AnniG In my eyes (see accompanying poem) by AnniG Front page news by AnniG

I will come

I may be late / in coming / to you / tonight / but / I will come
Rosy cheeks and long black lashes by AnniG and he kissed her behind the daisies... by AnniG Too close for comfort! by AnniG Anni Who? by AnniG Lip-Grip by AnniG

I am a gambler

I am not a writer / nor a poet / or an artist / I am merely a / lost soul

Playing amongst planets

Here we are… / playing in the vast / open spaces of the galaxy / where we dance, indulgently / amongst scintillating / shimmering s…
Crossing the clouds by AnniG My Mojo by AnniG No Papparazzi! by AnniG

The tears of the moon

I want to lick them / from my palms / suck the sweetness / from my fingers


I shall gather them to the safety of / my warm chest / and lay my wishes upon them / I shall load them, wrapped in the / silkiest webs of l…

Not to be resurrected

What would happen / if the fertile forests / of our glorious globe / all disappeared / and the once / robust rivers / ran dry

Night traits … or trades?

They wait / impatiently on the streets / in the dimmed night light / of crowded city corners
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