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Hi all, I just want to let anyone who may be looking at getting their own website to take a look at Zenfolio.
They have just updated their features to create a very slick looking site at very reasonable prices. My website is the Unlimited and for $40us a year I believe it really offers value for money. Your site can now be customized with your own choice of colours, slide show on your front page and a host of new features. I’m really happy with the ability to search my gallery, for example if you want to see my photos of Kyoto from my recent holiday to Japan, you can simply type Kyoto into the search, and up they pop! How cool is that!
And of course, my shop is Redbubble.
I’m still tinkering with my site but take a peek if you are looking for a website. They offer a 14 day trial and I’m pretty happy with all the new changes.
My website is here

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