Annie Bertrand

Joined May 2015

I have been creating all sorts of art my whole life. I can’t tell you an exact time I started painting or sewing or making jewelry...

Art in Many Forms

When someone looks at a piece of abstract art, they aren’t supposed to know what the artist was thinking it should be. In my art, I want you to look at my paintings and see what you want to see. I want you to see the strokes and view it as what you would want it to be. Don’t pay attention to what I might have thought it was. Give some thought on what you want it to be.

I had a painting once. Very abstract. I gave it to my boyfriend at the time’s Dad. He turned it upside down and called it a bicycle. That’s when I learned that a painting is whatever you want it to be, not what the artist wanted it to be.

Have fun. Enjoy it! And find whatever your heart wants it to be!

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