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When interest turns to addiction

You know photography has become an addiction when:
…You go out at 5pm to shop for dinner, and return 3 hours later, to make it worse you bought a roast or forgot to buy something at all.
….When you are up to your knees fully clothed in water, and waves are crashing around you in the middle of winter.
….When you remember to look around you and realise it’s dark and you are alone in a desolate place.
….When you take photos of waves, and through the lens your beloved dog appears washing out to sea.
…Or you look around , the tide has come in and you’re stranded on a rock.
….When you need a dental crown and you choose to get a wide angle lens instead.
….You can’t work out what is alarming on your camera, and realise it’s the mobile phone in your pocket.
….When you haven’t seen your partner in a week, and on your one night off you choose the camera club!

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