!My 50 Favourite Things questionnaire ...!

1. What is Your Favourite Hobby? Painting and drawing
2. How Old were you when you left School? 16 years and 2 months
3. What was your first Pet? A prim black and white cat, she was called Skittle
4. If you were a Fruit ,what kind would you be? A sun ripened, fragrant, juicy strawberry
5. If you were a Drink,what kind would you be? An Earl Grey tea (well-brewed) and in a fine bone china cup.
6. Have you ever Won a Prize? Yes quite a few. Last year one a year’s supply of cat food for my cat Sam!
7. What is your Favourite Food? Curries
8. If you Ruled the World,what would be your First Words? No More Killing of people or the planet.
9. What is your Favourite Film? Trains, Planes antod Automobiles (I watched it with my three children when they were younger and we laughed until we cried).
10. If everyone was born without the unhappy Gene, would you be happy about this? (If everyone was born with one…I wouldn’t have a choice would I?)
11. If you were the Opposite Sex which celebrity would you be? (Not sure I would like to be a celebrity, as I hate being in the spotlight…perhaps a world acclaimed writer).
12. If you could Time Travel, what Time would you go to? Art Deco…with a comfortable life style and excellent health so I didn’t need any medical attention.. I loved their clothes, cars and buildings. I am a fan of Poirot TV programmes with David Suchet.
13. What is your Favourite Flower or Plant? Difficult, I love so many…but perhaps a beautiful towering, deep blue delphinium…a home to many bees.
14. What is your Favourite Name? Lily for a girl and William for a boy.
15. If you won the Lottery what would you buy? A character home on a large plot of land where I could preserve and encourage lots of wildlife flora, fauna and birds. There would have to be a stream and lake too and lots and lots of big well established trees, homes to owls. No hunting allowed by man or use of toxic shemicals
16. What would you put on your Headstone? Don’t think I really want one…planet has enough…just scatter me to the wind and let me blow free.
17. If you had a choice of any ArtWork from RedBubble,who/what would it be? Unfair to answer this, as there are many…and they cover a wide variety of styles.
8. Dinner with Five: Who would they be? H G Wells, William Morris, Oscar Wilde, Roald Dahl and Mrs Beeton.
19. If you were a Recipe what would you be A warming fish pie with golden baked potato topping and plenty of parsley.
20. What is your Favourite Art Medium? Paint, I love the colours and how they create their magic when they blend.
21. Who is your Favourite Artist? Oh my, what a struggle to decide. Gustav Klimt
22. Name the One place you would Love to Visit? France, the villages…away from the cities and tourists. Where there were no traffic jams and people take time to talk to each other …eat lunch and have siestas in the summer.
23. Do you prefer Daytime or Nightime? In summer the day in an old walled garden deep in the English countryside with slightly wild secret garden surrounded by birdsong, in winter…the nights in a cosy cottage with thick walls and a good fire in an inglenook fireplace with sleeping cats.
24. What is the funniest Typo you have typed? ‘bug’ instead of ‘buy’.
25. What is your Earliest Memory? …Still in my pram in the kitchen watching the tap drip… each drop illuminated by the sunshine.
26. What would be your song for Karaoke? An Abba number The Winner Takes It All.
27. If you were to write a Book, what would be the First sentence? Last night my dream became my reality…
28. What is your Own Favourite Art Work? Menage a Trois
29. Pet Peeve,what is it? People who are cruel to children and animals.
30. Your Favourite TV show? Poirot starring David Suchet, love the Art Deco period.
31. If you were an Animal,which kind would you be? A cat in a well-loved home.
32. What kind of Super Hero would you be,what would be your Gift? Difficult, I’d like to fly but it would be fun to be invisible too.
33. If you could change something about Yourself,what would it be? Be more creative and imaginative.
34. If you met an Alien what would your First words be? I come in Peace.
35. What is your best Subject for your ArtWork? Guess it is either cats/whimsical or faces…no particular subject as I like to paint different things.
36. If you seen a UFO would it change your life? Not really, as I believe they could well exist, as do spirits and ghosts.
37. What was the last thing that you laughed about? Thinking about my favourite film for this questionnaire (a comedy).
38. Do you believe in the After-Life? Definitely.
39. Do you believe in Re-incarnation,if so ,what would you come back as? Yes, I am unsure if we get to make a choice though. Perhaps a Golden Eagle soaring over the mountains and moors, that would be such freedom.
40. What is the oldest possesion you have? Unsure as I have a number of ‘old’ things… an old leather bound set of Shakespearean volumes I bought in St Albans, Hertfordshire many years ago, or a Victorian dressing table/old pine dresser maybe.
41. Have you got any Tattoo’s,where would you have one? No…no plans to have one as I prefer my skin totally clear. If I had to have one though, on my shoulder, perhaps an owl.
42. What is your Favourite Book? Soooo many..mmmm The Witches by Roald Dahl (but The Seret Garden is very close…soooo difficult to pick just one, as I love poetry too Dylan Thomas – Undermilk Wood).
43. If Redbubble had its own TV channel would you still be online or both? I’d be online,
44. Sea or Land? Land (I can’t swim and get rather scared in deep water).
45.What i s the most Bizarre thing to happen to you? Shocking thing was being at the epic centre of an earthquake…but bizarre would have be a paranormal experience about 15 years ago in an old house where I lived.
46. If you were a Fairy Tale what one would you be? I know so few and the Brothers Grimm wrote such gruesome ones…don’t think I’d like to say. Perhaps one where I get to travel on a magic carpet and visit foreign lands.
47. What is the most Funniest, humourous thing that has happened to you. Walking into someones house and chatting away…then realizing I had the wrong house in the terrace of houses (I had only visited one before).
48. What is the longest time you have went without sleep? Travelling back from a holiday in Italy 3 years ago…traveling to Singapore…spending most of a day hanging around Singapore airport (it was pouring with rain) then ..long plane journey back to New Zealand and driving back to where I live,…the walking dead.
49. What is the Best thing that you Love about Redbubble? The variety of artwork I get to see and the support from those that view it.
50.Did you like this Questionaire? I am not a fan of questionnaires or multiple choice exam questions…as giving one definite answer seems impossible to me eg.g. favourite this or that. I have many favourites. I normally think back later and remember a better answer. They are quite amusing to read sometimes though.

!My 50 Favourite Things questionnaire ...!

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