Why I would like to have Photoshop (For Ronni)

Hi Ronni,
I’ve often marvelled at amazing art work on the Internet, only later to find that Photoshop has been used. I do not own Photoshop. From all I have read about it, it is an incredible piece of software which can transform photographs and personal artwork to another level. I do believe it is also involved/detailed and will take sometime to learn, as it has heaps of possibilities/potential.
I also have a very talented daughter who uses Open Canvas, she is a very talented artist at only 17 and has recently borrowed a graphics tablet and produced some beautiful imaginative art work. She would love to try it too.
Some years ago I was diagnosed with a very rare disease called Polymyositis which means I don’t work outside the home, but have the luxury of using my time in a creative, satisfying way at home painting and writing. I also teach adult literacy from home to a few people, as I am a trained teacher who majored in art and literacy.
If I won this package I would be more than willing to pay surface mail postage.
I want this year to be the best yet for creativity, the last one ended with achieving a goal of having my first solo art exhibition…and I sold 5 paintings!!!! YAY!!!
Thanks for listening
Fond regards

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