I am pooped...Solo Exhibition starts this week...

I am all painted out at the moment. Tomorrow we travel two and half hours south to Invercargill to set my first solo exhibition. It’s been a very busy month and I think I might have a week off painting this coming week to recharge.
Anyhow it is a first for me and I just hope I sell something.
The exhibition is for 5 weeks and at a department store in Invercargill called H & J Smith…they have large coffee rooms there called The Copper Kettle (yup, sounds quite quaint doesn’t it?)…an ideal first platform for me to exhibit. It’s on for 5 weeks until 7 January 2008.
I will be giving 10% of any sales to CCS Disability Action Southern.
Have to try and pack 16 paintings into the car tomorrow.
Thanks for your supportive comments over the last couple of months since I joined Redbubble. It has been encouraging and I am so enjoying seeing the amazing diversity of art and talent around the world. Being able to ‘talk’ to the artists has been fantastic.
Thank you
Fond regards

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