Writing a play...creating characters

I love listening to plays on the radio and often down stream them from the BBC on my pc. Many times I have wondered what it must be like to write a play and have it performed, whether it be radio or stage.
Over a year ago myself and some friends started going to a creative writing class held at a local High School. We went for a few hours every Wednesday night for about 8 weeks and enjoyed it so much, we thought we should continue to meet and write together.
So for the past 12 months we have continued to write and meet each month. Three weeks ago we were approached by a local group and asked to write a play. It would be performed before an audience of approximately 100 people. The brief was, it needed to have 5 characters (all women of similar age) and last for a duration of 20 – 30mins. After short discussion we agreed to give it a go…liking a challenge.
The last few weeks have been very enjoyable. We have thought of character profiles, decided on plot/setting/stage direction and have the first scene almost finished and started on the second (final). There have been so many laughs on the way, copious cups of tea/coffee drunk and plenty of scribbling.
I find myself now listening in to conversations I over hear when I am out…jotting down notes here and there…and giggling to myself when I type dialogue on my pc. Oh the freedom and power of creating characters.
I don’t want to give details of the plot away yet, until it is performed. Hopefuly the audience will laugh as much as we have during its writing.

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