Colour Managed Web Browser

I have used the Adobe Gamma utility to calibrate my monitor. I will be getting a more advanced hardware gadget soon to do this a bit more reliably.

I have been struggling lately with colour changes which happen when I convert from my working space of AdobeRGB in Photoshop to SRGB and then viewing those files in Firefox or IE. The colours seemed very much more saturated and in the case of the green particularly were not pleasant. I have been adjusting the saturations prior to saving as srgb but I wasn’t too happy doing this and it’s a bit hit and miss.

I know colour management is a minefield and I don’t fully understand it but it seemed to me that if I converted to srgb within Photoshop the colours should look pretty much the same – which they do in Photoshop but not in my browser or other apps.

I googled – and found this page

It recommends Safari 3 – beta as the only colour managed browser (for the windows user anyway). I tried the test which appears at the top of the page and realised this is just what happens to my files. I use Firefox.

So I downloaded and installed Safari 3. What a difference! My files now look as they do in Photoshop. Wonderful.

Of course, they still look “wrong” to anyone not using Safari.

So a plea – for anyone who would really like to see the beautiful images on Redbubble as the creator intended – please check this page out and install Safari and give it a try. Well worth it.

Give it a try if you don’t already use it.


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