My first morning

Morning! Or should I say it was morning when I popped into Red Bubble.

Now I have to echo anothers thoughts as I totally agree with them …..

“Morning! This site is addictive, exciting, inspiring and wonderful all wrapped up in a talented bubble! Can’t stop looking at all of the amazing work that gets put up every second.”

This is my first ever e-journal blogg type thing – so this old girl is going to learn some new tricks…..I am blown away by all the creativity on this site. Just like being in a cyber art school and bouncing and sharing ideas…..I love it…. I most certainly will try to limit how often I pop it, as I can see I will get no time for work and study. I am currently completing my Masters in Contemporary Arts at UTAS. Thursday is supposed to be my study/research day !!!

Looking forward to sharing and connecting you fellow Red Bubbles

Ann [from a tropical wet Mackay in Qld]

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