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Anna and her husband Robert live in Kent having moved from France a few years ago. Anna is passionate about photography and has won many...

Hello and update...

Hello to all my friends and followers.

I am writing to apologise for my relative absence here recently and also to ask for your help. The absence is not about lack of interest but simply about being very busy. You may know that Bob and I started a wedding photography business last year and we have been working our little butts off.

It has been the best start ever and we are delighted that we are booked up until November. There has been so much hard work involved in setting up a website, blog, FB – and all the other bits and pieces.

I am writing too to ask you, my friends for a big favour. We need to up our google rating and you could really help us with this. The site has been optimised for the web but we need increased traffic.

So, if you could click onto the website and tick the FaceBook like symbol which is at the bottom of the pages, that would help enormously.

The website is

I would also love to see you on (my very new) blog and would love a friends request from you if you are on FB. My page there is… Anna Shaw Wedding Photography

This way I can keep in touch with you all so much more easily.

Fond wishes


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