Art Sold!!! Yay!

Hummmm… No not on here. (shrug) Sorry RB.

With the guild, I am participating is few exhibitions presently.

There was a restaurant where I do a solo show. About seven paintings. One of the regular costumers called me for one of my paintings. I agree to meet that person. We sat talk about everything and nothing for few minutes and he got out with the painting.

And from another place where I participate into a collective show.

One person saw my painting that was getting down to be exchange with other new ones. She took the painting and sent me a check…

I always been jealous from other artists who sell and sell and win awards in show. I keep painting, drawing, reading on techniques that I practice again and again to perfect my skills… And sometimes I get discourage…

So, all I can say is find any kind of ways to put your art in shows, so the people can see it in person. And when you think that no one look at what you are doing, that’s when things happen.

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