Falling agin

I think I am falling in love agin. Have you ever heard that saying don’t leave the person you love for the person you like. Well i wish that i had heard that saying when i was yonger. I ruined a relationship with the persone i love by finding some lame excuse to break up with him to go out with an older guy. Well that didn’t turn out that great and i have been bouncing from guy to guy. Then I thought that i found one, one that loved me the way i loved him. We were together for a while. He even moved in with me. But things started going down hill when he went to basic. He didn’t want to get married, and he didn’t want to see me when he came home for Christmas. Then i found out why. He was CHEATING!!!! I was so upset. But i think im falling agin in to somebodys arms that will catch me. No matter what he will be there for me. Even when my mom is a bitch. I think he is falling for me too. It started out as a booty call but then we started spending time with each other and i think we are falling in to each others arms knowing we will be caught.

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  • Anna Kay Osquist