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Best wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year 2011!

The Dawn of a New Year is upon us once again, just another day amongst 364 others, so why do humans place more importance on it than we do on every other moment of our lives? Every other species has no such demarcation of time.

It could be that we were sold on an “official” opportunity for completion and re-creation/ re-solution/re-evaluation.
We draw the line so to speak and “Start” again. This age old ritual often comes with a sense of freedom where we release some of the mental chains collected over the year that have been holding us back and find our centre again by creating a new vision for ourselves. The challenge most face is that every year it’s the same old STORY…..

Imagine if we were taught to approach life differently…..and we celebrated New Months/Weeks or Days Eve perhaps?
If we were really daring we could even reinvent ourselves in the middle of an argument and BE LOVE instead of BE angry, abusive, frustrated, reactive etc…. Mastering your Emotions is a great skill to learn.

That does not mean that we’ll be in this zone all the time by any means….. however some people are able to SEE Themselves and interrupt a pattern of behaviour much faster than most, not because they any better than most, simply because they practice it more often than most, because they know, that PERFECT PRACTICE improves the odds of PERFECT RESULTS. Just learning to say less is often more.

Some of the most popular areas people look at in the New Year are-

Health- Lose Fat/ Gain Strength/ Fitness/ Appearance/ Energy

Money- Make more/ Waste Less/ Invest / Improve Lifestyle/ Create disposable Income

Relationships- Improve existing ones/ Remove unhealthy ones/ Start new ones

Spirituality/Personal Development- Develop a stronger connection with ourselves and/or with “GOD”/Spirit. Improving our behaviour towards others and just managing ourselves more effectively, to be the best we can be in all we do.

TIME- Underpins all of the above. How best to divide this finite and irreplaceable gift so we get the most out of LIFE. With increasing demands on time in a world where there is more to squeeze into the same hour than ever before it is increasingly important to MAKE time for everything that is a priority for us.

An example I love to use in demonstrating the illusion of time is in the stars we see in the skies.
Did you know many stars we look up at and “SEE” do not even exist anymore.
They dies hundreds of years ago, thousands even, what we “SEE” is their light which is still travelling through time. Bang, huge explosion of light, then nothing but pure darkness, the light has to travel thousands or millions of “LIGHT YEARS” to get to us. So what we actually “SEE” is the aftermath of light trying to reach us, not the star itself which has already vanished into nothingness. Time is precious and does not exist in a watch, that’s just a measuring tool.

Ten seconds to midnight the countdown begins, people all over the world will raise their glasses at the stroke of midnight to some/all of the above and more. What a great feeling, brilliant moment that has the power in it to completely change everything for you in a moment.

The real challenge is not making the New Year’s resolution, that’s easy, it’s what happens right after that.

Most will not change a single action/ habit and do what they always do.

Few will take massive action for a while and then fuse out because their old comfortable selves will kick back in.

Very few will take massive immediate action and build new memory to form habits and actions and then turn that into consistent, dependable and always improving actions that lead to transformation.

As simple as the science of success is, the way most humans are trained from birth in this world is not conducive to simple; we are programmed to believe in the reality presented to us in the form of family, friends, neighbours, schooling, Media etc….. Almost everything we have trained into us is based on fear, scarcity, limitations, lack etc.

To truly experience LIFE I believe we must learn to THINK FREELY, FREE from the constraints of society and our own past experiences, FREE from our own physical self image.
Think from the image of “GOD”/ Spirit, it’s our most precious GIFT given at birth and then we are trained to forget that.

“Yesterday is a memory of who we were, tomorrow a dream of who we can be and today a bridge to build between the two”

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