Drawing to the end of the year- I got to thinking about what I want to do for 2010.
I always want to do MORE than I actually acheive, so I thought I’d make my plan here and see if it pans out as expected, or whether to expect the unexpected lol.

No Need to Reply to this- Just a Little Personal Excercise and Organisation on my behalf :)))

1000 GIRLS IN 100 DAYS
Complete Project on time by 4th of February (YAY- Hopefully)
APRIL UPDATE Well I did it kind of- missed a couple of girls on my way and lost the momemtum to return. I’m waiting to see if the book happens and if so will dash back and make ammends LOL.

Start my Alice Book Project and work through Adventures in Wonderland from the beginning, with view to self published book at the end of 2010.
APRIL UPDATE Still to start my Big Alice pieces (I’m almost hestitant for some reason). Have played with little fun pieces though. Soon Soon …
JUNE UPDATE So excited to be hosting the Alice in Wnderland group here on bubble !! This should help kick me into gear- I have LOADS of ideas now, almost too excited to start !!

Collaborations with the following good peeps in order of requests/invites
(Just to keep myself right- I have done a wee list- If anyone else is interested in collabs for 2010- Give me a shout- Hope I’ve not forgot anyone)
Barbara Glatzeder
Lynette Shelley
Lynette K
Lynsye Medalia
Alexandra Felgate
APRIL UPDATE Finally have Barbaras ready and just to post. I’m really feeling a urge to collab with Moonspiral, so fingers crossed its the right time.
JUNE UPDATE Well I had a tiny square still to do on Babsy’s really BUT now its done and I hope to have it in the post tommorrow. Busy sketching out one for Tammy.

Hope to make a good headway on the Major Arcana this year, been stuck on the Fool for yonks, but coming soon
APRIL UPDATE Well the Fool is still halfway done and “sitting around” but I joined the Redbubble Tarot collab for some motivation and I have the Emperor to do. The vision is forming so I hope to have these 2 cards done really, and colour versions of all 3 (including Persia Rose The Empress too)
JUNE UPDATE Fool is still stalling but have sketched The Emporer and hope to ink it this week :))

Challenge to oneself to revisit Painting and try a few ideas which have been floating around in head :))
APRIL UPDATE Tentatively been doing some coloured pencil and ink work and enjoying the “colour”. Paints are still yet to come out, but I’m sure its on the cards.
JUNE UPDATE Had a disasterous attempt at acrylics, hmmmm back in the cupboard for now, I’m considering Pantone or Posca Pens, have been addicted to my red ones and totally DIVERTED by my Zodiac Girls

As well as participation in the Bubblers Portrait Group, I have a long list of Famous Peeps which I dying to draw- So look out for more portraiture hopefully too :)) This ofcourse includes the famous Arletta
APRIL UPDATE Well I have really enjoyed doing more detailed Bubblers Portraits but yet to start on my Fan Art Pieces.
JUNE UPDATE Just done Lynsye Medalia (whos pretty famous round these parts

I made a promise to myself to try and exhibit more througout the year. So I will be approching Venues old and new in January to try and fill up my diary- Fingers Crossed.
APRIL UPDATE Secured places at the Banchory Show and Archies, Cranes and Our Kids Too Charity Shows (one was invite only with many proffessionals taking part, so I was very honoured). Still got much to do, working through my letters this weekend.
JUNE UPDATE Forecourt Underpass Show next month, still not doing too much tho.

Gosh seems like loads !! Well thats the plan- Good to get it out of my head and somewhere where I can check back (see how its going)

Wishing you all a most Happy Heavenly 2010, Hope it goes to plan and all your Wishes come true.
Love Anita xx

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