Help me choose my next camera

Currently, I have an Olympus SP-500UZ. 6 Megapixels, 10X zoom, super high resolution gives me 2816×2112, has a macro mode which I am learning to use, and it runs on 4 AA batteries.

I am slowly shopping for a digital SLR that will allow manual focus, shutter speed and aperture, remote shutter release and a resolution high enough to allow for large framed prints from RedBubble. Oh, and I want it to run on regular batteries.

I would like more zoom so I can photograph up close the quail and the young coyote. I would like my macro lens to fit—it lives on my old Olympus OM2.

There is more, but these are the basics.
All recommendations and advice are greatly appreciated.

Addendum 9 Sep 07
You have been very helpful so far, and I really appreciate the time you took to give me some direction. I will try to fill in some more details on what I am looking for and give myself a year or so to find it. The following are things I think are important in my search:

Price range up to US$2,500
prefer AA batteries, but not mandatory
small size and light weight (for which Olympus is known)
more megapixils, maybe even 10 – 12
remote shutter release
fully indexed manual in hard copy
XD cards because that’s what my current camera uses

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