Just Purchased Cards!!!

Lots of them!
Today, I purchased my second selection of cards from RedBubble. I will send these cards to family and friends as a personal gift of friendship, but not until after they have arrived and I’ve taken the requisite photo of me with them! Still haven’t done that with the first batch but will tomorrow when a friend comes. It is just too damned complicated to set up the camera on my tripod, rush back and hold a pose until the timer is done. Ann will take the photo for me; she’s a long time friend from my independent documentary film life.

Here’s a list of the cards I purchased today:
Two of my own: Frog in a Rose and Evil Eye Tree
Plus the following:
Buzz Off by Shane Walker
Dust Off by Manta
I’m a butterfly bigot, but… by Al Olmstead
Wings in Motion by Darrin Aldridge
Flower Power by Claudio Cologni
Pink Water Lily by Mary Lane
Ring Bell For Assistance by stooferdoofer
Passion by Amanda Zalewski
Generation Hooah by Madison Ellis
Rust by funkyfacestudio
Metallic Shield Bug by Shane Walker
I can seee you! By Steve Axford
dragonfly by iammeasiam
Hiding Tree Frogs by David Cortez
Transparent Red Dragonfly2 by Joyce Dickens
Purple Playground by robkal
rocky water by dairygirl
No Monkey Bussiness by Antione Dagobert

There was one more I could not purchase!
Please consider making the following available as a card!!!
wild flower by conilouz

Thank you all for the pleasure you give my eyes!

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