Serene Setting

Those were the words Joyce Dickens used in her comment on my Kitchen Window

It dawned on me that that is what I look for to add to my Favorites here on RedBubble; a shot that rings a tone of serenity. I’m here because I can have cards made of two of my photos, Frog in a Rose and Evil Eye Tree which I will send to family and friends during the the Winter holidays. Both give me the feeling of serenity and make me smile with the knowledge that I saw this and can let you see it through my eyes.

I have a long time friend coming tomorrow who will take a photo for RedBubble of me with all the cards I have purchased from my Favorites

You will see what I look for in cards to send to my friends. One of the things I appreciate most about RedBubble is that it offers all of us the opportunity to pick up a pen to personalize a gift of friendship. I am terrible with slow mail and let it pile up while I engage in digital communication. But I always open cards. When I travel overseas, I send postcards and pick up cards to send after my return home. I have already purchased and given two of my own Frog in a Rose cards, one to my elderly mother and one to her caregiver. The next three will go to my daughter and two stepdaughters, all of whom encouraged me to have cards made and sell them.

Thank you RedBubble Community for the encouragement and the accessible Gallery.

PS: I’m on to buy the next selection from my Favorites!

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