A Show of Support

I received a message that said the cards I purchased from my Favorites are on their way!

When I signed up with RedBubble a little over a month ago, I found a great resource and a way to let the artists know how much I appreciate their work. I don’t have enough empty wall space for anything new, but I enjoy sending cards. I want you to know of my gesture of support and have listed the photos and artists who caught my eye.

As a small token of appreciation I bought the cards listed below. Know that if I like your work, I will add it to my Favorites and buy it as a card.

Thank you!

The Two For One Special… by Jen Marsh
Pollenated! by Durotriges
Azure Damselfly by Durotriges
Pollen Aware 04 by ArtProphet
Dianella revoluta by Andrew Bosman
How far can I jump? by Mel Brackstone
Japanese Windflowers by Tiffany Dryburgh
Eastern Spinebill No2 by Cheryl Ridge
Spotted Pardalote by Cheryl Ridge
Barking Owl in Flight by Wildpix
Goddess Emerging by Ange
Cotton Harlequin Bug 12 by Mark Snelson
Seeing my reflection by carpenter777
Behind the waterfall by carpenter777

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