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ignorance: The Drug of a Nation
Designed by animo
Remember "this": by the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy? The message is as urgent today as ever. Of course it's not just TV shaping our minds, propaganda is ubiquitous. The mass production of ignorance is a highly profitable industry. Purpose-built by the obscenely rich and/or frighteningly powerful to benefit the obscenely rich and/or frighteningly powerful. _“It is our view that, among their other functions, the media serve, and propagandize on behalf of, the powerful societal interests that control and finance them.“ - Noam Chomsky_ Let me spell that out: The media serves the needs of the 1%. It's the masses that get fucked over. Redefining the Present, and Rewriting History is piss easy for governments when the media, the Murdocracy & plutocracy conspire with you to peddle the message, to forward their own interests. So much of what we are told about/taught as History is distortion - like "this": as explained by Finding out the truth has become increasingly difficult. Journalists don't have enough time (and are actively discouraged by a morally bankrupt system) to check facts and rely overwhelmingly on releases from 3 wire agencies for their 'stories' (which are often barely re-written). A voracious 24 hour news cycle has upped the supply and demand for 'news', while at the same time resources (staff and time) for producing news have been slashed. The book "Flat Earth News": by Guardian Journalist, Nick Davies is both enlightening and disturbing. You will never think about 'news' the same way again. Don't add to the problem by recirculating the disinformation. Read "Chomsky":, "Pilger":, "Orwell.": & "this spanking analysis": (just published in the November Issue of The Monthy). Fucking learn what logical fallacies are and how to spot them. "Here's": a good starting point. Don't try to count how many Tony Abbott (& other pollies) commit. It will drive you insane. Challenge the information source. Provoke some critical thought, bitches!

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ignorance: The Drug of a Nation by animo