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the Guardian have an interesting piece today: Adam Curtis and Massive Attack: what is reality?

“Look at the flickering video images that bombard your world. Do you trust them? Or have they stranded you in an ‘enchanted cocoon’? Read an extract from Adam Curtis’ video collaboration with Massive Attack from the Manchester international festival”

“We all live in two worlds.

One is the world of our own experience.

The other is created by the millions of flickering images recorded on film and video.

It is a strange world where the laws of time, space and mortality do not apply.

So many of the images are of people who died long ago. They are the modern ghosts who will never leave us.

It is a beautiful world. But it may not be as innocent as it seems.

It keeps us in an enchanted cocoon – a static world that suits the modern system of power.

This system reaches far beyond the old politics – into every part of our lives. It is a technocratic theory of management that wants to keep the world stable. It predicts what you want tomorrow on the basis of what you wanted in the past.

If you liked that – You will love this.

But it wasn’t always like this."

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