Arlita Marie Moles

Hood River, United States

Life is good… Live it to the best of your ability… My heart is reflected in my images…Live to love and Love to live! /...

Another Day of Work Oct 22 07

Each Day I plan on uploading my Photo’s And I have lots of disks to sort through and organize the ones I think are best. I know each artist has thier own medium that seems to catch their fancy more than others. I have been exploring with my passion in every medium and look forward to getting the uploading all done. Then I can go explore everybody’s creations here, for each Artist is unique and thats what makes arts so fansinating to me. Bear with me, I will be adding details to all photo’s and be out to comment on your works to.I hope some people will find something in my collections that would fit well in their homes and purchase. Time will tell. I know this is going to be an adventure here of which I can make new friends as well, can’t wait to get caught up so I can do this.

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