The Vampire and The Policeman

The Vampire and The Policeman.
Few things would make a normal, sane man kidnap his own dying daughter and drive off chasing demons.
Officer McGuiness had spent the last three months investigating strange murders in the dock side areas. The collapse of a major shipping magnate followed by some rather stupid good intentions turned a few acres of abandoned warehouses into low cost housing. This was quickly filled with junkies and single mums and then came crime and drugs like a sick little line of ducks on a string. Five years on and a lot of unsolved crimes lead to this neighbourood and then run cold. A cops own personal hell. This latest string of mysterious deaths were all locals and causing no end of problems prompting rumours of caped vigilantes, vampires, giant beasts, werewolves and many more.
Then the worst day began with two phone calls. The first said that McGuiness’s daughter Julia had been in a car accident and was in a critical condition. The second came moments later will McGuiness was still trying to assimilate the idea that his little girl might be dying in a white room somewhere. Without thinking properly McGuiness lifted the receiver and listened. This had been the call he was hoping for only now it seemed pointless. It was a solid lead on the whereabouts of the murderer, the first in weeks. McGuiness couldn’t have told you how he got to the hospital but when he found himself pushing his hands against the glass viewing window of Julia’s hospital room he seemed to wake up a little. A man in a blue scrubs was talking to him somewhere off to his left. The scrubs looked papery, scratchy and disposable. The man, probably a doctor, said a lot of things but McGuiness was having trouble listening. All he picked up on were words like ‘blood’, ‘injuries’, ‘critical’, ‘survival’.
Then he had punched the helpless man into unconsciousness and grabbed Julia.
“You don’t know what you’re asking.” He said
“You could save her life!” cried the Policeman
“No.” he said “This wouldn’t…..”
“You could make her like you…… could save her.”
“This would not save your daughter.”
“She is dying for God’s sake!!” he cried
“Better that than suffer my fate.”
“If you don’t change her I swear I will kill you!”
“You would do that?” he sounded amused.
“Yes” he said. The pistol that had been poised between them began to twitch and shudder.
“How long have you been a policeman?”
“Sixteen years.”
“And now you would throw away sixteen years of ‘law and order’ and commit murder?”
“No. Yes. I mean. I don’t know.”
“Are you a religious man officer?”
“No. I mean I, uh. I attended church when I was in school.”
“You want your little girl to go to heaven?”
“Yes! I mean No! I mean not right now! I…”
“But someday?”
“Yes, long after I pass.”
“If you let me near your daughter only one thing is certain, she will never see heaven.”
“No, you can save her.”
“Curse her.”
“No. God forgives he’ll for…..”
“Ha ha ha!” The creature couldn’t help itself.
“God doesn’t give a rat’s ass for your kid. If he did he wouldn’t have her splatted in the street.”
“My girl is innocent, she deserves…”
“She won’t be innocent if you set me on her.”
“I should kill you for saying that!!”
“Excuse me? Am I being warned about inappropriate behaviour by a man who would offer his own daughter to the beast?
“I just….just…”
“I can’t lose her!”
“But you would lose her to me.”
“What do you mean?”
“If I bit her she would become mine.”
“She would become my Chyld and I her Sire. She would walk at my side till the end of this world. She would never know love. Never know motherhood. Never know peace.”
“There would only be the Thirst.”
“No no no no!!”

The bullet hit the creature in the shoulder and tore a chunk of flesh with it as it exited out the back. The creature looked down briefly as the mess began to reform into solid bone and dusty bloodless flesh.

“You can not hurt me.” he said

The Vampire was on him so quickly that the policeman did not even see the movement, he just felt his gun knocked from his hand and his feet leave the ground. The Vampire seemed to grow taller and stronger as the policemen hung by his lapels in the monsters grip. The policeman began to struggle against the force but he might as well have tried to halt the passing of ages.

“Let me ask you something Police Man, do you believe in vampires?” asked the creature.
“No.” replied the Policeman.
“Do you believe in Hell?
“No…” it was a strained whisper.

The Creature pulled the him in so close that their foreheads touched and the policeman looked deep into those endless eyes.

“You will.”

Then everything went dark.

“Hey! Welcome back to the land of the living, Asshole.” said a voice through the fuzz.
“What happened?” said the policeman.

McGuiness tried to sit up but couldn’t. His body felt like one big bruise.

“Where is your daughter?” said the voice “What did you do to her?”
“She isn’t here?” asked McGuiness
“Nope” said the voice “There was nothing at the scene but a lot of dried blood, a lot of mess and a book of matches from some motel.”

“uhhh” McGuiness managed to sit up and put a foot on the floor.

‘Okay focus.’ thought McGuinness. ‘He is talking like a cop so I must be in a cell. That means a precinct house or station nearby. By now they will have run my badge, called the boss and Trent is probably on his way. That means I have to leave. Now.’

McGuiness stood and his head exploded in pain.

“That hurt?” said the voice “No more than you deserve.”

‘Young punk’ thought McGuiness. ‘Probably a rookie, tough talking like that. Probably made to man the cells because he’s so green. Probably stupid enough to have the keys hanging off his belt.’

“They gonna fry your ass for this man.” said the rookie

“Yeah.” said McGuiness “Oh my head.”

McGuiness, punch drunk, stumbled towards the bars and the rookie stepped forward to catch him. McGuiness got his right hand on the keys and his left hand on the rookies gun. He lifted the barrel into the kids ear and got his attention.

“Don’t speak kid and you might live long enough to pop your cherry.”
“What?” the rookie looked scared then through some miracle of self control managed to look serious. “Do you have any idea how many cops there are upstairs? You haven’t a chance in hell of…..”
“Hell?” said the cop “Do you believe in hell kid?”
“You will” said the cop “Now I have to go get my daughter so tell me about these motel matches.”

The Vampire and The Policeman

Jonathon Horner

Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Artist

Artist's Description

A desperate father asks a vampire to save his dying daughter. Save her by biting her.

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