I have not ever been a huge fan of television, but since my back injury I have been trying to structure my time somewhat because if I stand, sit, etc… too long it plays with the pain. So, I have indeed been watching more television than ever before I guess. I tend to watch educational, biography, psychological, and mystery type of shows, but I found a new channel. It is called OVTV. Ovation television. It is an art related channel and has some pretty interesting “stuff.” In the afternoon it appears to be some shows about photography and then more along the lines of different artists otherwise. I have only just begun to view this so I really do not know any details. Some of you may already know of this so please just disregard my ignorance, but I am excited because it is truly something that I am passionalte about as others here are too. So, I thought I would just post some info in case there are any others out there that are behind the times as I am, LOL!!

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