My SuWan

There are probably many of you that won’t understand what I’m about to say, so for those of you that don’t love can politely just leave now and I will not be offended. I have two dogs, one is a Shih-Tsu and the other a Choc Lab.

We lost a dog about 3 yrs ago, and It was very difficult then. Well, last night my little doggie was in discomfort and she eventually settled down if comforted. She is 14 y/o and has brought us many great memories.

About a year ago she began to have problems with her vision and has progressively gone blind(nothing we could do). Each time her vision got worse she would freak out and then adjust so that’s what we thought was going on last night.
Well she laid down at some point in between my husband and I comforting her and she has not moved again. She is breathing, barely and I believe that she is trying to go to a better place.

My husband is very very close to her because she was just all about giving him kisses constantly! I don’t know if any of you believe in prayer or communication with someone higher up, but I do and I pray that she will find solace soon so we don’t have to have her euthanized as we did our other dog. That was very difficult to say the least.

I just needed to write about it and thought maybe ifI did this I would feel better…So far, I’m just numb and tears come easily, but with time I hope that I can treasure the last few moments I had with her.


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