I'm Not Being Rude, If Anyone Thinks That

I have not posted lately, not for any particulat reasons, but an accumulation of them. I have not been coping so well with the back pain, so am going through adjustments with pain meds. Anyone with a serious back injury knows what I mean so please forgive me. I know that it is really all about the feedback on this site and it’s my own fault that I don’t get much feedback as I am “absent” a lot recently. I just have a lot going on right now, to say the least.

Plus there are many here that are constantly getting work from commissioned pieces, and I am not that lucky. Mine are just sort of scattered. I get a few then I’m blank for a while.

Anyway, that is not the only issue. Due to this back issue so much of my life has changed financially, emotionally, spiritually (not religion..my spirit),physically, psychologically, etc. So, it affects my productivity I guess. I try to keep a drawing going at all times, but it’s not easy as if the drawing is good size I have to use the drawing table which is very difficult on the back. So, I try to keep smaller drawings going so that I can tape it to something (board)and work on it in bed,

Having said all that, I am on another project right now too. My mother bought me a quilting kit for my BD. Yeah! I have been telling her I would love to quilt but it is a bit costly so I keep procrastinating. So, her and my father came up from FL this past week and she brought the quilting kit with her to show me some in’s and out’s. I already had to buy the #2 kit again because my measurements were off(due to having too large of a marking pencil that added up in the end).

The thing is I love this!! It’s artistic I guess, isn’t it? The kit is so great because they have done th cutting for you! The disadvantage is there are no “spare parts.” If you goof, as I did, you have to purchase that part of the quilt or that block, again. It’s really a beautiful quilt and matches so lovely with our bedroom having a lot of earthy tones and PAISLEY!

I adore paisley, as you can tell. The other issue is that I can do this in the comfort of my big cozy bed, with all my wonderful pillows, and if need be, I can lay down. So, that is my adventure right now and I do miss reading the posts, and looking at all the beautiful work here!!! I will take some time again soon to wander through the magic land of art here and wish me lots of luck with this new adventure too.

I don’t get a lot of feedback but I know why now. I’m in a little different position with the back crap and I have to live my life according to my back. I do apologize for not giving the worthy praise of so many wonderful artists here, and hopefully someday I will be in a situation to do this!

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