I know that many probably will laugh at this, but here goes. I am in a quandry about pricing pieces to sell. I recently had someone ask me if I would do a family portrait of 4. Well, I explained all the details of what would be taken into consideration when it came to pricing and I finally came to an estimate of about $300.00-$400.00. He immediately e-mailed me and said that this would not be appropriate for him to pay this amount for a drawing. I was crushed, but will live. I have gone back and forth with this, and am still puzzled.

Remember I just started doing this and I also don’t claim to be renound. I do however, feel that I should be able to sell some of my work and I have done several commisioned pieces for a woman that was very satisfied with my work and my pricing. HOWEVER, I have had someone tell me that I am undercharging. I am so confused now. I do of course realize that there are many things to consider, but I would just be interested in hearing from some of you here to get some collective ideas and I will process that information and maybe be able to come to some kind of formula.

Okay, let me give you and example and take it from there. I recently did a graphite sketch of Lucille Ball and it is posted here on RB in my portfolio. The original is an 11×14. I was thinking of asking anyone here that has a minute to look at it and then honestly and truthfully tell me what they would sell this item for.

I know that everyone is busy with LIFE and I don’t expect people to come running, but if someone could just shout out a couple of figures, estimates, I would be very appreciative. I also realize that cost can vary because some of you are much more gifted that I am. So, keeping that in mind I won’t be offended even if you say that it is not as good as others. I just want some feedback that’s all.
If you read all this, thank you

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