Visualize your way to health & success

Getting healthy requires you to see yourself as healthy (or fit or slimmer or sleeping better or … fill-in-the-blank) before you even get there. It’s a form of emotional fitness and mental retraining. So, for example, if your goal is to lose weight for a wedding this summer, here’s what you’d do:
•Imagine yourself feeling fit and sexy, wearing that perfect-sized dress, before you even start to change your eating habits.
•Visualize taking that dream trip of yours, completely pain and headache-free, because you started drinking more water, and getting more sleep.
•Revel in the image of standing on top of that mountain with your arms in the air in a victory dance because you had the energy to make that climb—because you got your blood sugar balanced, lost 20 pounds, and started a great exercise plan.
•Imagine that your period practically sneaked up on you because it was so PMS-less and cramp-free that you didn’t even notice it because you quit drinking so much coffee and added green veggies and flax seeds to your daily diet and drank more water!

If you believe you can get to your health goals, you’re more likely to do the things that get you healthy, such as making quality food choices, getting regular exercise, going to sleep at a healthy hour, surrounding yourself with people who make you happy, even changing to a healthier job environment that doesn’t give you headaches!

It takes practice and determination to go at it over and over until the new skill is second nature.

The first time you do this, give yourself up to 20 minutes to really play with the dream you want to create. After that, you can do this practice in two minutes max each day and get a lifetime of benefit!

Here are the steps to translate your goals into real and lasting health success:

1. Find a quiet, comfortable place to relax for 20 minutes. Have a notebook and pen in hand, or your fave electronic writing device. Make sure you’ve blocked out all distractions—cell phone, kids, partner, e-mail. You want to focus.

2. Close your eyes and take four deep breaths—inhale deeply, exhale deeply.

3. Now identify the goal you want to create. Get really detailed and specific about it—imagine the sensation you feel having accomplished your goal, imagine your surroundings. Think about what you’re wearing, what you see, what you smell, how your friends and loved ones respond to the changes you’ve made. Imagine that it’s already happening.

4. Imagine that you’re incredibly proud of yourself. You are positively glowing!

5. Capture this image in your mind’s eye. (Write it all down, too, so you don’t forget!)

6. End your session with a personal “huddle.”

7. Return to it for several minutes every day.

Reinforce your new practice with the following affirmations:

•I am amazing.
•I can do anything.
•I am prepared to succeed.

Make sure to call this image up when making specific health choices, for example, when deciding between that muffin or veggie sticks and hummus, or when you’re torn between going for a quick run or getting glued to Facebook.


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