Andy Smerdon

Dayboro, Australia

He likes to think he is a better motorcycle rider than he really is. He also likes to think that he is very cool, riding his long-board...

The Gift

Written for a Christmas writing challenge that had to include the words; hummingbird, floral wrapping paper and hummingbird -

Spittle flew from Trent’s red lips and striped his chin with silvery wet lines. “Who opened my bloody Christmas present?” he screamed, as he stormed into his dressing room and threw the crumpled bundle of floral wrapping paper at Jane, his choreographer.
“What makes you think that paper is from your present?” she replied just as indignantly.
“There is a small somewhat crushed card attached, which proclaims the contents to be a Christmas gift for the star of the show – obviously intended for me!”
“And besides, everybody knows I adore chocolate coated almonds and if I am not mistaken that is the sweet aroma, now the only thing left in this sad pile of wastepaper.”
“The gift was for me darling and I have just finished the last sweet – so sorry.” Jane smiled and licked her lips suggestively.
“It was for the Star of the show you old bag! Not one of my backstage underlings!”
The last thing Trent saw that evening was the tiny hummingbird tattoo on Jane’s index finger as she smashed his nose with her clenched fist.

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