I'm looking for love

I’m looking for love under the rainbow.

I’m looking for love under the rainbow.

- So romantic. I really do imagine it. I see you and your beloved one standing there under the rainbow. The rainbow is so symbolic. Are you lovers of the same sex? Are you pride to finally get out of the closet?
- What? Isn’t about romance or about your love to another person?
- It’s about your love for money! You are looking for the pot of gold?
- What the “beep” is this? I “beep” this “beep” and “beep” “beep” this “beep” story. How in “beep” should I sell any “beep” t-shirts with “beep” design after this “beep”.
- Please break here. Now!

Don’t support that gold-digger. Instead, you can support me in spreading the true word of love by buying some rainbow-products in my store.
- What? Do you accuse me to be a gold

It's all about love



Love hurts, love stinks, love is lovely, love is love!

Love is easy, and love is hard. Love is forever but it always goes too early.

You can love a woman, a man, or both. Why just love one? You can love Jesus and your enemies.

You can love pizza, or love to go fishing.

You may love to make love, and later you will love what you made when you made love.

You can love your family, you can love your cat. Actually, you can also love yourself. To love yourself may not be very honorable, but if you deserve it, then go on.

You can even love Vanilla Coke! Haha, I’m just joking there! :-)

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Human meat chart

Slaughterers cut of man

Free-range, organic and extra tender meat from happy men. All our men have at least9 square feet space per individual and they have access to an outdoor area when the weather conditions allow it.

Better taste
No added flavorings
No pesticides
Rich in nutrients

Premium Human Meat

La cuisine Française cannibalistic

The fact that our men are happy all the way from birth to the slaughterhouse is important to us as it affects the quality of the meat. All our men are castrated because they will not have to experience the problems that masculinity can bring, but also because the meat will be extra juicy.
We do not usually breed women because they do not deliver the same quality of meat as men but before holidays such as Easter, we always have a large stock of young girls. Ou

Casual Friday

Casual Friday every day with this t-shirt

Do you have to get out of that uniform?
That suit doesn’t let you breathe?
The tie is strangling you, right?

With this super-smart design, you don’t have to spend half your salary on expensive suits anymore, and never again waste time on tying your tie in the morning rush, but you will still look proper for your boss.

Casual Friday is every day!

You have three choices:
1. Move to Los Angeles, California – they don’t know what a suit is there.
2. Quit your job.
3. Get a Casual Friday Every Day – fake suit right now!

Suit – Casual Friday every day Chiffon Top

Preserve a Squirrel to Conserve the Nature

Preserve a Squirrel to Conserve the Nature

5 Best ways to Conserve Mother Nature

1. Reduce Waste
2. Recycle
3. Conserve Water
4. Support Green Energy
5. Preserve a Squirrel

Preserve, not pickle.

Note that we are talking about preserving the squirrels. To roast or pickle them and consume them are not preserving.

Eating squirrels?

Where I come from it’s not very common to eat squirrels. We are more for pizza, pasta, a steak and such kinds of food. I guess that most people find squirrels cute and to eat them will be compared with eating a cat or dog.

But when searching on YouTube it seems like each and every man (or woman) living in the countryside, with a gun in their possessions do hunt squirrels to eat them.

“I’ve eaten hundreds of squirrels, just skinning, cleaning and roasting them on a st

Shark attack - Have a better day!

Shark attack – Have a better day!

Well, let me guess that she is not going to have a better day. Or, are we talking about the shark? She is also a she, and she will be satisfied for hours, if not days after eating this delicious and voluptuous woman.

Let’s go back to the woman and let’s hope she at least had a good start this day. The forecast for the rest of the day actually looks quite bad for her.

Very bad for her. Better for you is to know that only about 58 people are killed by sharks worldwide per year.

Have a better day!

Only a few species of shark are dangerous to humans. Out of more than 480 shark species, only three are responsible for two-digit numbers of fatal unprovoked attacks on humans: the great white, tiger and bull; however, the oceanic whitetip has probably killed many

Break an egg

Cracking a Single Egg
1. Hold the egg in your dominant hand.
2. Tap the egg on a firm surface.
3. Find the indentation of the egg.
4. Pull the shell apart.

Cracking Two Eggs at Once
1. Take two eggs in either hand.
2. Crack the eggs in your hands.
3. Pry the eggs opened.

Troubleshooting Problems
1. Use your dominant hand for the most part.
2. Remove any bits of shell.
3. Avoid breaking eggs on the edges of bowls.

Tips from

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