Goodbye Arizona (followed by a disaster)

AZ was wonderful (again). We decided to stay local this time so a typical day would be to set off in the morning somewhere…err….local like one of the national parks, a zoo at one point, a copper mining town (looking for Cornish immigrants or descendents there of), sitting in spiritual vortex’s for a meditate, or just looking for photo opportunities. Then coz eating out is so cheap in the USA one of their huge lunches (which I was never able to fully consume, and whilst ordering, having to explain that I was a vegan and not a veggie else I got offered fish. I learnt that trick on the plane first time round) then home to the ranch to sit by in the pool or read or more meditation.

If Cyndi had to do some phone astrological readings (she’s good – gets it spot on with me everytime damn it) I would borrow the jeep drive deeper into the desert; park up then leg it into the wide variously coloured yonder with the camera. Had a navigation problem tho; took several bearings then after wander used to make it back to the road to find myself about a mile away from the jeep. Hmmmm. Was someone moving the mountains around?

Evenings when not partying or having munchies with neighbors were spent being non-plussed by American television. I would be watching a play or something and every ten minutes, and without any prior warning, find myself in a completely non-relevant scene. Took me a while to realise that I was in the middle of an advert for Preparation ‘H’ or similar. But then I get easily confused. Mind you I did the to/from flights from the UK and only got lost in an airport once this time.

Anyway about 9.30pm everyone peeled off to his or her beds as did I but not before I sat in the porch UFO watching. Apparently there are so many passing over Sedona that the locals don’t take any notice of them any more. I didn’t see one. Hmmm. Anyroadup the result of the early to bed action would be that I would awaken everyday before dawn. Twas great lying in bed watching the sun come up and if impressive enough stagger out with the camera to capture that or the early touristy balloons floating gently around the mountains.

So there you have it – Another Excellent Arizona Adventure.

On my return home tho I was confronted by a bit of a disaster. Before I left I burnt all my photoshop Bubble pix to a DVD and cleared 30Gbs of space. I then deleted the pix. I just put the CD into the comp and it’s blank. So I have lost the lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two things – after the journal entry I made regarding ‘To frame or not to Frame’ I had agreed with the majority and the plan was to delete my framed pix from the bubble then re-upload minus frames. So much for that idea. And the other thing? Well I still have the raw shots in the Kodak programme (successfully burnt to disc). So all is not quite lost.

Anyway never mind that I have some scrumptious new AZ shots which if I ever get to the end of the 534 emails aimed at my record label which arrived during my holiday I will get to work uploading. Hope you like them. Actually I played hookie and have a couple ready which I will upload now.

Take care


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