Red Bubble - Taking it to the next level.

RedBubble – Taking it to the next level?

Why are we here?

a) A platform in which to exhibit our artwork
b) A place to admire and be inspired by the work of others.
c) Ultimately we would all like to sell our work.

I am very pleased to note that lately the Bubble is also becoming a social network. I wait for the comments from such as Meach ready to fall off my chair with laughter.

But unlike Facebook (“See you down the pub at 9pm M8T”) the Bubble has PURPOSE!!
And the purpose is for the production of BEST WORK.

There are those out there who love art and buy it for that reason. But there must be billions out there who think art is something you have to take out a second mortgage in order to purchase. And yet here we are offering for sale reasonably priced original and brilliant artwork.

Red Bubble and in my own modest way are promoting the works. You recall I made the suggestion a while back that my fellow moderators should do some promotion work specific to their own groups. I was a bit sad to note that quite a few rejected my journal suggestion to their group. Hope they took it on board anyway.

There has been a lot of hot air expelled recently about reply buttons, taking offence and unpleasant criticisms. In a way this is good because it brings peeps out of the woodwork to discuss. Which brings me to my point (at last!)……

It seems to me that in order to sell to the masses we really do need follow the overiding purpose of the Bubble and display only BEST WORK.
To this end I would like to make the following suggestion regarding the use comments box. Superb, wonderful and stunning are fine where appropriate but let’s take it a stage further; help others to achieve the Best Artwork. Perhaps an example would be – some months ago I spotted a seascape where the horizon was sloping downhill. I bravely asked if this was ‘meant’ and if not using my limited experience of photoshop I explained how to level it up. A few days ago I spotted another thing that could improve an artwork but wasn’t brave enough to place it in comments and sent a bubblemail instead. I was relieved to note that both comments were gratefully received

Occasionally there is a dull photo that is good as a concept but would benefit 100% just with the addition of a drop of ‘contrast’.

Two things then. BE BRAVE and use the comment box to help that person (and others) to technically to improve their artwork. And two – all of us should write the following on a post-it and stick it on our monitors, “I will not take offence if someone suggests an improvement to my work”.

I am not suggesting that one should suggest conceptual improvements but comments like ‘why not re-shoot from a different angle’ or ‘crop it so the object is filling the frame much more’, are acceptable. In other words stick to technical comments.
Peeps offering comments like “That picture is cr*p” should be banned from the site I reckon.

Let’s all of us get super-interactive. Use the comment box to boost the standard of our artwork so as the masses start to log-on big time they are presented with Best Work.
Over all remember the words next to the comments button – PLESE PLAY NICE.

As a final thought to moderators – I will be seeking ways of splitting the Watersports and Activities group artwork into sub-groups i.e. Sailing, rowing, surfing, underwater, etc etc so that when a punter or advertising agency comes on line it will narrow their search. If anyone can help me with that I won’t be offended – honest. LOL

& “ALRIGHT THEN MY BIRDS, MY HANSOMES!!!!! ’avin a good day do ’ee".

P.S. That’s A Proper Cornish greeting hence no question mark at the end of the greets. The second one responds with “yes” or “Alright Boy” or “maid”. Honestly, how can anyone take offence at being called ‘Hun’ – We are in a global Village now. Everyone has a different up-bringing / social education / way of being.

Watersports & Activities Group.

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